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Legendary conguero, percussionist, producer, composer, & bandleader Little Johnny Rivero is proud to present his latest album Golpe Duro, featuring Anthony Almonte.  

Little Johnny was born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents and as a young child he was drawn to the rhythms of the rumberos who played at Orchard Beach, Jefferson Park and Randall's Island parks .

At age fourteen Little Johnny joined Orquesta Colón, at that time, the youngest Latin band in New York City, and recorded two albums with them. The family moved to Puerto Rico where Johnny  joined La Sonora Ponceña. During his sixteen years with the band, eighteen highly respected albums were recorded. 

After returning to the States, Little Johnny performed with many of the biggest and most respected names in Latin music, including nine time Grammy Award winner Eddie Palmieri. During that same time, Little Johnny formed his Salsa band and his Latin jazz band and continued to teach percussion at Kennedy High School, Bronx NY.  It was there that Anthony Almonte, a middle schooler at the time, would become one of his music students.

Little Johnny has always had a passion for writing music and with the passage of four years since his last album, he was inspired to write once again. He set out to create a danceable album highlighting the roots of Son Montuno, Guaracha Mambo and Latin jazz.

The one thing missing was a singer.  While in a rehearsal, his friend and fellow artist, Jeffery Lopez mentioned there was a talented “new kid” on the block.  Low and behold it turned out to be Anthony Almonte from Kennedy HS.  As they say “the rest is history” & the result of their collaboration is Little Johnny’s latest album, Golpe Duro.

Each song on the album contributes to its’ deep roots, positive vibes, street wise know how, grace, elegance and pure Sabor Latino.  Golpe Duro is an  album with clear vision and is  sure to please the most discerning dancers and sophisticated listeners alike. 

Little Johnny's credits include work with Eddie Palmieri, Charlie Palmieri, Rubén Blades, Cheo Feliciano, Andy Montañez, Ismael Miranda, Ismael Quintana, Adalberto Santiago, Justo Betancourt, Bobby Valentin, Celia Cruz, Giovanni Hidalgo, Ray Barretto, Patato Valdes, Changito, Tata Guines, John Santos, Frankie Ruiz, Sergio George, Descarga Boricua All Stars, RMM All Stars, Batacumbele, Alfredo De La Fe, Victor Manuelle and Domingo Quiñones.In the Latin Jazz field; Brian Lynch, Conrad Herwig, Dave Valentin, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Ray Appleton “Killer”, Harry Allen, Linda Ciofalo,Tim Ries (Rolling Stones) Donald Harrison, Phil Woods, David Sánchez, Miguel Zenon, Monty Alexander, Joe Locke, Kenny G, Bebo Valdes, Paquito D’ Rivera, David Murray, Kathy Watson, and many other artists.

Special thanks to Family & Friends, Artists & Fellow Musicians and everyone who has influenced my music along the way.  Enjoy!!

Little Johnny Rivero

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